Instruments Made For Musicians By Musicians

All Knot Head instruments are made from hand selected woods to create spectacular visual aesthetics so that your instrument looks as good as is sounds.

KnotHead 092713 (9 of 18) KnotHead 092713 (2 of 18) 10132013 (1 of 2)

By focusing on beautiful, high quality materials, Murray creates striking basses and guitars that will become more beautiful with age.

KnotHead 10071 (5 of 7) KnotHead 10071 (1 of 7) KnotHead 092713 (1 of 18)

Since each instrument is unique (being made by hand, even when the same materials and electronics are used, no two will ever be exactly the same), your Knot Head Bass and Guitar will be your own, not a copy of a copy of a copy.

10132013 (15 of 26) 10132013 (11 of 26)

Even when two Knot Head instruments are played together, their appearance and their sounds will be as different as the musicians playing them.

Thee to One  (49 of 49) Thee to One  (48 of 49)



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